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Weekly updates of my journey as a French Tech entrepreneur starting up in France.

The journey so far

Week 3 — Friday, April 2 2021, 1900 Hours

I know this is a strange title for a post, but when I sit back to analyse the week that went by, that is the only thought that comes to mind — that entrepreneurs must train themselves for a lot of No’s and failures.

Entrepreneurs are always in launch mode. We are always doing something new, shipping a product, experimenting with an idea or trying to get something done. The scales vary —…

Almost-daily updates of my journey as a French Tech entrepreneur starting up in France.

The journey so far

Day 10 — Sunday, 28th March 2021, 1900 Hours

Early morning, this past Friday we headed to the Prefecture of Isere, which is where anyone who comes from outside Grenoble and wishes to live long-term, must go — to get the Carte de Sejour or residence permit.

Entrepreneurs are at constant odds with the world around them

We’d been looking up websites of the French government for the past week, going around in circles trying to figure out the right way to get the Carte de Sejour. …

Almost-daily updates of my journey as a French Tech entrepreneur starting up in France.

The journey so far

Day 8 — Thursday, 25th March 2021, 1900 Hours

I skipped all my finance classes in my master's program. I already knew I was going to do something in software and I didn't really get things like P&L, Balance sheets, and ledger balancing. So I took the easy way out, spending the finance classes (most of them) in the computer lab. My finance profs tried hard to make me attend but eventually gave up.

Graduating and getting my first job meant a…

Almost-daily updates of my journey as a French Tech entrepreneur starting up in France.

If you want to know how it started

Day 3 — Saturday, 20th March 2021, 1900 Hours

What's common between the ancient Greeks and entrepreneurs? They both walk(ed) a lot. The Greeks considered walking a default state of being — and did most of their thinking, debates, and philosophizing over miles of walking. Walking was their choice of recreation. A way of life.

As an entrepreneur — especially one who is trying to get settled into a new city, you walk out of necessity. You walk…

Almost-daily updates of my journey as a French Tech entrepreneur starting up in France.

A view of the Voige early in the morning

Good morning from Grenoble

Friday, 19th March 2021, 0523 Hours

As I desperately try to kickstart my complaining grey cells and body, to force them into this new early morning routine, I can’t help but think that this is how it must feel to mountaineers. Especially those who climb Everest.

Not to take away their glory, or to belittle their achievements by comparing their journey to mine — but there are parallels that my mind couldn't help notice.

Here I was, at 5 AM Central European Time, sitting in a…

I respectfully disagree. Technology entrepreneurship is equal parts innovation and selling. Otherwise the entire world would still be using COBOL on an IBM Mainframe and we did be connecting on Gopher instead of the world wide web.

Yes, Go To Market is critical and often key to the success of a venture but it is too limiting to think that it matters more than building a great tech product and disrupting an existing market.

As technology entrepreneurs, it is crucial that we keep balancing innovation and sales. The trick is to understand the balance between the two and to be able to shift gears between a innovation DNA and a customer acquisition DNA within the startup, seamlessly.

Loud thinking and predictions about the post-COVID-19 future of work and life.

Photo by Bluehouse Skis on Unsplash

Our best-case scenario right now is COVID-19 turning out to be mildly lethal and not very mutant. Like a severe version of the flu. This would imply the pandemic is here for a while, until it burns itself out, for most parts.

What does this mean for the future of our professional and personal lives then?

This means when the first peak (which is what we are seeing right now) goes away, as folks start stepping out, a few in the population are likely to fall sick again.

That is likely to lead to another peak soon, though a slightly lesser one…

I spent a few hours one Sunday evening, outlining how AI and web data can be used to build a content engine focused around daily inspirational content, personalized for users. This post is a result of that evening’s ramblings. The ideas here are only presented as is and need further vetting and analysis.

Problem Statement

  1. How can we use AI for curating inspiration content across the web?
  2. How can we use AI for producing inspiration content from across different verticals?
  3. How can we use AI for the recommendation and personalization of storytelling?

Theoretical approach — Summary

Inspirational content is a combination of two factors.

Personal Factors

The main market of Ajmer Circa 1900. Copyright

If ever life takes you to Ajmer, which it can for a variety of reasons ranging from tourism to religion, do pay a visit to Akbar ka kilt (the Fort of Akbar). Unlike typical forts of Rajasthan, this one is not atop a remote craggy hill. It is smack in the middle, forming the edge of what used to be the city several centuries ago, and has now been engulfed by the forward march of humanity.

This fort, though non-descript and not in any manner well maintained, is where the British East India company took root in India. …


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