Training for the Nays and the Naysayers

Here, become who you are


👉 set up bank account for the company
👉 get the incorporation going
👉 meet some folks to get new partnership discussions going
👉 follow up on our carte de Sejour
👉 find a house if we have to stay longer
👉 get our financial and business plan approved


👎 Two banks had turned us down because we were new in France — even though we wanted to just put in money, not take money from them!
☝Without the bank, our lawyer couldnt move forward with company setup.🤷 Covid19 caused more people to refuse meetings — even zoom calls or simply not respond.


The icing on the cake was when someone tried to scam us into paying them a 1000 € and trying to show us a house that didnt exist. 🙅‍♂️

Thursday — second half

A few gentle and “not so gentle” reminder emails later, responses started trickling in over email.


Innovallee, Tarmac — The incubator where Adaptiv SAS is domiciled in France



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